Facts & Figures

The chart shows a snapshot of customers served during 2014 through 2018. Since 2012 our highest number of customers served in one day is 224 and the lowest number is 30. The highest number of households served in one day is 61 and the lowest number served is 8. Additionally:

  • The Pantry is an all volunteer organization
  • Approximately 95% of all cash received is used to buy food and other supplies
  • A dollar donation buys the equivalent of $6 spent in a food store
  • The average number of households served is over 30
  • In certain situations, Cannon Beach Food Pantry will make deliveries to customers
  • Cannon Beach Food Pantry serves new and homeless individuals
  • Cannon Beach Food Pantry receives donations from local businesses and individuals which total over 10,000 pounds annually.